It is common knowledge that the purchase of a home is likely the largest transaction you will ever make over the course of your life. At DLC we also recognize that the future of your family’s finances is an investment worth protecting.

Out of all uninsured Canadians, 45% of them rate life insurance as one of the top five priorities for their financial future. Those that rate life insurance as one of their very top priorities account for 21%, however, even with these numbers most of them are not covered with a life insurance policy.

In the case of an accidental death, parents that say they would worry about the financial stability of their family equates to 76%. This begs the question, what options does your family have if an unfortunate event took place and mortgage payments were left behind as a burden to your family? Will they be in a financial situation to independently handle making payments?

In the unfortunate event that a death of yourself and/or your spouse was to happen, mortgage protection insurance would help provide security for your family’s finances and protect your investment. The insurance plan ensures the remaining mortgage amount would be compensated in full if these events were to occur, allowing your family to move forward with life, and utilize other existing insurance policies to while they mourn your loss and try to maintain their living situation.

Some of the features offered through DLC mortgage insurance are not traditionally offered from a regular bank. Some of these additional features include portability – so you won’t lose your coverage when you are due for a mortgage renewal (nor will you have to go through a re-qualification process). Health changes and/or complications that come with aging, and moving to a new home or changing lenders will not cause increased premium charges.

In addition, Mortgage Protection Plan includes two crucial insurance products to further protect you; being Life Insurance and Total Disability Insurance. Having protection if there was an unfortunate passing is one thing, but you’d also be protected if you were to experience a critical illness or debilitating accident. The alternative option in most insurance policies would be term life insurance, which traditionally only covers you in the event of a fatality.

Your DLC mortgage broker can answer any questions regarding mortgage life insurance products, the relevant costs, as well as provide you with immediate coverage backed by a 60 day money back guarantee, in case you decide to obtain coverage elsewhere.

Talk to Chanele Langevin and ask how you can take advantage of protecting your investment with life and disability insurance.